Katrina Smith was living a city lifestyle in Melbourne, Australia, when Covid hit. Fearing a lockdown, she packed up and rented a place on the Surf Coast of Victoria. She started posting videos of the birds that showed up on her balcony. Those birds quickly found online fame, notching up millions of views on TikTok…

Earlier this year, the SFRS asked the owner of the property on Merkela Street to provide information that fire safety regulations were being met, Latvia’s national public broadcaster lsm.lv reported. It said that no information was provided and that fire inspectors were refused access to the building.

Activist Hadeel al-Shammari, who is a member of Kuwait’s more than 100,000 stateless Bidun residents, explains that women like her often face added obstacles in seeking help. Members of the Bidun who do not have official identity documents are unable to report abuse or harassment to the authorities.

A rare Siberian tiger was on the loose in the village of Linhu in Heilongjiang province, China. Villagers were told to stay inside and lock their windows and doors as the big cat roamed around. It was eventually captured and transferred to a big cat reserve.

“Since the 1980s, these people have been under the protection of France. They’ve remade their lives here for 30 years in the full view and knowledge of everyone, with their children and their grandchildren… and then in the early morning, they come looking for them, 40 years after the facts,” Irène Terrel told AFP.

Her 94-year-old grandfather is extremely ill with Covid-19 in Delhi. From their home in the US, Avani and her mother, Amrita, describe a dizzying web of family, friends, relatives and professional contacts, sometimes many times removed, who helped when he fell ill and quickly deteriorated.

A similar scheme in Israel, which has one of the highest levels of vaccinations in the world, permits users to access hotels, gyms and theatres. The “Green pass” has also created travel opportunities for Israeli citizens, following deals with Greece and Cyprus.